The St. Martin's Hawksburn East Window Appeal

in partnership with The National Trust of Australia (Victoria)

The St. Martin's Anglican Church's beautiful East Window is in need of some repair and restoration. In order to complete these works a National Trust External Appeal has been established. This will enable your donation to achieve Tax Deductability status.

The National Trust has classified the Church of St. Martin, Hawksburn, including “… the apse focussing upon a three-light window”, as being of significant local heritage, which means that in the Trust’s view it is essential to Australia’s heritage and must be preserved(B1004)

How to Donate:

Cheques (with ref. St. Martin's Hawksburn) may be made out to
"National Trust of Australia (Victoria)"
posted to Tasma Terrace, 4 Parliament Place, East Melbourne Vic 3002

If preferred, you may make a donation directly to St. Martin's Church, Hawksburn however you will NOT be able to claim this as a tax deduction.

I understand that my donation will go towards conservation work on St Martin’s Church, Hawksburn, under the supervision of the National Trust of Australia (Vic). I also understand that once a receipt has been issued, my donation is non-refundable. Donations over $2 to the National Trust of Australia (Victoria) are allowable as deductions for tax purposes.